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Many people have never seen a Chart Wheel and have difficulty imagining it. This post contains a Chart Wheel illustration and a bit of information about what it symbolizes.

The Chart consists of a circle within a circle. The inner circle represents the Earth. A person's date, time, and place of birth determines exactly where on the Earth the person was at the moment of birth.

The outer circle contains odd symbols and numbers within 12 pie shapes. This outer circle represents exactly where the planetary bodies were in aspect to the person on the Earth at the moment of birth.

The pie shapes are called HOUSES. Each House represents a certain segment of life concerns. For example, the First House describes a person's Physical Appearance, the basic Personality, Early Life (childhood), and what kind of First Impression the person tends to make on others when meeting.

The Second House describes a person's Money and Possessions. The Third House tells about a person's Relatives, Communication and Thinking Style, Short Distance Travel (like the commute to work) and the person's Neighbors. The Fourth House provides information about a person's Home and what makes that person feel most "At Home."

In this manner, the various Houses provide a great deal of information about different parts of a person's life. Further, a House becomes more important when a planet is located inside the House. Planets energize Houses, bringing greater focus to that part of life for a person.

The Houses
1st HOUSE Physical appearance, self-expression and vitality
2nd HOUSE Personal assets, wealth and earning ability
3rd HOUSE Relatives, locality, mentality and communication
4th HOUSE Home, family, origins, father and later life
5th HOUSE Pleasures, amusements, love & children
6th HOUSE Service, daily life, work & health
7th HOUSE Partners, other people generally & open enemies
8th HOUSE Other people's resources, wills, legacies & death
9th HOUSE Long journeys, higher learning, religion and law
10th HOUSE Reputation, career
11th HOUSE Friends, benefactors and groups
12th HOUSE Self-undoing, withdrawal, retreat and seclusion

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Who is she? 

Appalachian Astrologer is a friendly older woman who loves meeting new people and finding out what makes them tick. She picked up her first Astrology book when she was 12. Her father had thought he might pursue a hobby but he soon lost interest and tossed his books aside.

Sun Signs

His daughter found the books and was spellbound. "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" was her introduction to the world of the Zodiac. Goodman captured the imagination of a young girl who found she had a gift for talking with people from every walk of life. Quietly, the young girl studied Goodman's book, then the other texts her father had forgotten. She started asking her teachers and classmates for their birth dates, then looking up their Sun Signs. She felt a huge data bank forming inside her head, filing away the characteristics of each sign, recognizing behavior patterns among those who shared the same Sun Sign. But she wondered why one person who was a Libra was often very different from another person who was a Libra. Soon she discovered the answers.

Planets and Houses

At age 19, the young astrologer found a new world of information by studying the less well-known planets of a Natal (Birth) Astrology Chart. The Moon described a person's emotional nature; Mercury told how someone thought and communicated; Venus showed why a person found some things valuable or had certain belief systems, and other planets had more secrets to share. Astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk opened this new world of Planets and Houses on the Chart Wheel. Soon the young astrologer was offering amateur readings of the Astrology Charts she had learned to cast. Friends and family found themselves "Nailed!" by the readings and spread the word that this girl knew her stuff when it came to interpretation.

Reading Strangers

While she was in college, a local hippie shop announced that it was having a Psychic Fair, welcoming Readers of all disciplines. Appalachian Astrologer showed up with a card table, a folding chair, and a book ephemeris. All readings at the Fair were to be $5 for five minutes. Appalachian Astrologer was knocking out readings as quickly as she could, but every customer asked another question, then another, then one popped out loudly with, "How did you know I would have breast cancer?!" Suddenly the line at the astrologer's table was quite long. In fact, it was the only table in the room with a line. "She's good!" buzzed through the room. Everyone wanted to see the astrologer and learn about their stars.

Private Clients

After the Psychic Fair, Appalachian Astrologer began taking clients into her office at home, reading their charts for up to two hours per session. With more study of "Linda Goodman's Love Signs" and "Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs" she branched into Synastry Reports for Couples. She learned that many couples were deeply in love, but didn't know how to work out their problems. All kinds of solutions hid on the Chart Wheels for the lovers. By the time Appalachian Astrologer was into her 30s, she had easily read 1,000 charts for individuals, for couples, and even for children (only at their parents' request). 

Going Public

In her 40s and 50s, she began casting charts for whole families who were having troubles, and offering solutions to arguments, power struggles, and other conflicts among loved ones. She saw wonderful understanding light up her clients' faces once they understood how to solve long-term difficulties and live in greater peace with those they loved. She found more clients by offering her services through shops that catered to customers who were seeking answers in alternative lifestyles and spiritual journeys.

A Call to Serve

Today, as she approaches age 60, Appalachian Astrologer lives in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. At home and on the road, she runs the ridges to find the people she feels led to "read" ... because to her, this childhood hobby has turned into a Calling. She believes that the right people will find her at just the right time to solve problems and live happier, more focused, and more rewarding lives. She feels it is her duty to serve others by helping them better understand themselves and their loved ones. Love, after all, is the answer.

See you soon!

Appalachian Astrologer

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An astrological chart is a drawing of a circle that is split into 12 pie-shaped sections according to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. These pie sections are called HOUSES. Each House contains information about a specific part of life. When a planet appears in a House, it indicates that particular house holds special emphasis in a person's life. Sometimes a House has no planets, but other Houses may hold three or four planets, showing a strong emphasis on that part of the chart.

The circular drawing of an astrological chart is also like a Sun dial, for each person's is different. Knowing what time a person was born is essential for creating an accurate chart, for that determines the spot at which the circular dial begins. The list below describes the natural rulers of the Houses, but each person's Houses will have different sign rulership and that offers specific information.

These are the first six Houses and what they indicate about how life unfolds:

Aries is the natural placement for the First House. Since Aries rules the face, this first house emphasizes your appearance and the first impression you make on people. Any of the 12 Signs may rule your First House and make you appear to be like the sign it carries. Someone who has a Sagittarius First House may walk a bit differently, almost like a horse, for Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. Another person with a Gemini First House may always talk by using their hands to describe the topic, for Gemini rules the hands and arms. The First House also describes the conditions of a person's early life and childhood.

Taurus is the natural ruler of the Second House, for Taurus rules money and banking. This house can help you understand your earning potential in life. It can offer information about how you spend your money, whether you tend to collect antiques or spend for grand trips to see the world. This House shows how you feel about possessions and money, and can give guidance on how you handle money, and how to alter your activities to earn more money.

Gemini rules the Third House of communications. This House provides information about short-distance travel, including your daily commute to work, as well as your communication style and your relationships with relatives. The Third House tells how you think, speak, and write. It identifies manual skills and learning abilities, as well as early education. The House can offer helpful tips for developing healthier relationships with relatives.

The Fourth House's natural ruler is the Mother sign of Cancer. The House describes your home as well as what makes you feel "at home." It tells how you find emotional comfort by the surroundings you choose for your most private spaces. The Fourth House can offer information about the home where you lived with your parents as a youngster, the kind of home you choose as an adult, and the conditions surrounding you at the end of your life. The House can describe your real estate holdings, ownership of land, and generally provide guidance in your domestic affairs.

Leo is the natural ruler of the Fifth House of Creativity, Play and Sexuality. Leo is the sign of the athlete, so the Lion has influence on the activities you find to be playful or relaxing. If you are seeking an exercise routine to improve your health, the Fifth House can suggest pursuits you would most enjoy as exercise, as "play." The House also shows your level of creativity and what sort of things you may create through your imagination, skills, and hobby interests. Some astrologers look to this House to learn about a person's children, for it contains information about sexuality, and sexuality can lead to having children. Love affairs fall here, as well as the manner in which you deal with pets or childhood friends.

The Sixth House of work, health, daily life, and service to others is naturally ruled by Virgo, a Sign that makes a dutiful worker. Among the facets this house illuminates are a person's attitude toward work itself, as well as relationships with co-workers, employers, and employees. The House also provides information about a person's overall health and well-being and can warn of health concerns depending on which Sign lands on this segment of the chart. It tells how a person lives daily life and how he or she serves others.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The outer, slower-moving planets have somewhat less emphasis in an astrological chart, but they can be important especially when they fall in close proximity to the better-known bodies. The outermost planets are generational markers and their influence shows in how each successive generation of people changes the world through major shifts in thinking. Let's begin with Jupiter.

Jupiter:  Lucky Spot, What Comes Too Easily, Overindulgence

Jupiter is the planet of luck and excesses. The luckiest placement for Jupiter is in Sagittarius, which it rules. This is why Sagittarius is called the lucky gambler of the Zodiac, for natives with this placement often win at games of chance or are the local bingo or raffle winners most of the time. The flipside of luck can be laziness, though, so Jupiter also identifies areas of your life that may have become too easy. In its negative manifestation, Jupiter can show where we overdo it -- whether it's overeating, overdrinking, or overworking. Jupiter in Virgo can make the industrious Virgin a workaholic, and Jupiter in Capricorn can make someone go overboard with the Mountain Goat's natural tendency toward ambition. The key to Jupiter's power is to harness its best aspects in tune with the sign's characteristics, and to avoid the excesses it can make so tempting.

Saturn:  Your Lessons in Life, Restrictions, Karma

Saturn is the planet of karma and difficulties. It can show where a person may have problems with health, work, family, friends, or other areas depending on which sign it carries. Saturn in Aquarius, the Sign that rules the lower leg, often results in injury or scarring to the calf or shins. Because Aquarius also rules friendship and groups, someone with Saturn in this Sign could have a lifelong struggle to make and keep good friends. Saturn's natural placement is in the serious sign of Capricorn, the old Mountain Goat who likes to keep his nose to the grindstone at work and who methodically works his way to the top, learning from his lessons well as he goes. Paying attention to Saturn's message in your chart can help you face the karmic problems life puts before you; this way, you can address problems straight on and solve them with a little work and determination.

Uranus:  Sudden Changes, Inventions and Creativity

Uranus is a volatile planet that can show how sudden changes come into your life. Some astrologers call it the planet of surprise and originality. Its influence can bring sudden opportunities to light, or it can shock and revolutionize life conditions and situations. A strongly placed Uranus can cause a person to dress in an unconventional manner or have strokes of genius and creativity. It is the planet of the future, electricity, invention, and humanitarian movements. It can also cause eccentricity, reckless or undisciplined behavior, or unpredictable moods. Its natural home is in Aquarius, the Sign it rules, and the planet's movement through the Signs brings changes according to the nature of the Sign it traverses. The gifts Uranus offers are of an energetic nature, so must be seized immediately for full benefit.

Neptune:  Your Blind Spot, Illusions

Neptune's natural placement is in Pisces, the Sign it rules. Here is the deep, secret water where the shy fish can hide and blend in with the stones and moss, invisible even in the clear water of a mountain stream. Some describe Neptune's influence in a chart as if a veil were draped over the eyes. You can see a shape or color through the veil, perhaps, but cannot make out exactly what lies hidden behind the gauzy fabric. This is how Neptune cloaks some parts of life from you. For example, Scorpio rules death and regeneration, as well as religion and medicine. If you have Neptune in Scorpio, you may have a great deal of trouble accepting death of loved ones, or you may find that medicine is a particular challenge for you through misdiagnoses or ineffective treatments. Dealing with Neptune in a chart requires a measure of acceptance that no matter how you try, some things in life will remain a mystery to you because the veil will not tear away from your eyes. Accepting Neptune's secrets can bring peace where before, you struggled to understand something that is not meant to be understood.

Pluto:  How Major Beginnings & Endings Happen For You

Pluto, the outermost planet, is also the slowest-moving body. Do not underestimate the planet's power, however, for it is formidable. Tracing history through Pluto's transitions from one Sign into another can show how world wars develop and continue, or how long-term economic conditions can occur, including The Great Depression. Like Uranus and Neptune, your Pluto placement is a generational aspect you share with others your age. In your personal chart, however, Pluto tells how major beginnings and endings happen in your life. For example, if your Pluto is in Virgo, changes may come your way after a long period of hard work, particularly if you work in professions that require organizational skills or any kind of cleaning up after others -- that can be as simple as cleaning hotel rooms or it can be as big as cleaning up an extremely polluted plot of acreage or waterway through work with the Environmental Protection Agency. The key word for Pluto's changes is elimination. Pluto uncovers the secrets of the past, then wipes the slate clean for a fresh start.

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The various parts of our solar system, when calculated in your Natal Astrological Chart, can illuminate how you are built as a person. The different placements in your chart can guide you to an easier, more understandable approach to living with less stress and struggle. Having a professional astrologer read your chart can give you something of an Owner's Manual for operating yourself in your life. It can also help you understand why some pursuits are always difficult for you, while other things can be easy and even fortunate for you. Let's look at the bodies closer to the Earth first.

Sun:  The Self, Your Basic Personality

When people ask, "What's your sign?" they are asking what Sun Sign you were born under as determined by your date of birth. All members of a Sun Sign category share certain traits in common. For example, every Gemini will have some kind of gift for talking and may love writing and chatting on the phone. Gemini is a communicator above all else, and tends to be drawn to the media, often as a journalist, but sometimes as someone who enjoys learning about and discussing the day's headlines. At the very least, Gemini will be a wonderful conversational companion. But other influences in the chart will make each Gemini a little different from other Gemini people.

Moon: Emotions

The Moon's placement in a chart describes how a person behaves in an emotional way. The different signs have varying energies; some are forceful and direct, like Aries, and others are rather shy and receptive, like Cancer. Some astrologers are more interested in a person's Moon sign than the Sun Sign, because humans tend to respond emotionally in their lives: we behave much differently when we are angry than when we are delighted.

Mercury: How You Think and Communicate

Mercury tells how a person's thought processes work best, and having an afflicted or negative Mercury placement can cause problems like learning disabilities, dyslexia or other troubles. Parents can have their children's astrological charts cast to spot learning difficulties, and find help for their children early in life, thus solving long-term problems before they take root. In the blog about the Astrological Elements, we discussed the speed of movement among the signs, and this speed is important with communication. Some signs foster extremely quick thinking, as with Sagittarius, but Taurus the slow Bull is very deliberate and slow in the thinking process. Sagittarius can be the party's funniest joker with quick, bluntly stated quips that sometimes hurt people's feelings, but Taurus may speak very slowly and carefully. Finding your Mercury placement can show you why you communicate and think as you do.

Venus:  What You Love, Your Values and Beliefs

Venus identifies what we find to be beautiful and of value. Some signs are very stable in their values, devoted to a system of beliefs with clear parameters. Taurus, for example, tends to be impressed with large things -- enormous buildings, large tracts of land, big expensive cars. Libra is always weighing options, listening to all sides of an argument and considering every person's input, so their values and beliefs may change over time depending upon the people they meet and the situations they experience. Some say Librans can never make up their minds, but they are simply weighing with the Scales of Justice that symbolize their sign. Venus can identify simple preferences, like a person's favorite color. For example, an Aries is likely to buy a bright red pickup but a Scorpio will probably choose a sleek black car.

Mars:  Your Energy, Life Force, Sex Drive, Temper

The placement of Mars in a chart describes a person's overall energy, sex drive, and temperament. Leo has a highly vigorous energy and can sometimes show a quick, hot temper or aggressive stance. The Leo energy can be an inspiring force that pushes other people into action. Pisces, on the other hand, is a quieter, more receptive energy. Pisces tends to prefer being pursued rather than being the pursuer. Where Leo may make a speech about all his accomplishments and abilities to impress someone, Pisces will grab a person's attention with nothing but a gentle glance.

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Each Sign in the Zodiac has rulership of certain parts of life and pursuits or interests. This list is not definitive, but it shows generally how the Signs of the Zodiac may provide guidance when choosing a career path, and which fields come more easily to someone with a particular sign emphasized in their natal chart.

Having a certain Sun Sign does not necessarily indicate a career path, however. Other parts of the chart may hold strong emphasis in a Sign, thus lead a person to choose a job. For guidance on career prospects, look at the Ascendant (First House), the Sixth House of Work, Service, and Health, the Tenth House of Career, and the Moon's placement. Although the Moon describes a person's emotional nature, it can also indicate why a field of work may be emotionally satisfying. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, can show the fields in which a person has an easier time finding good fortune.

 The signs indicate likely careers in these categories:

Warrior, Soldier, Whitewater River Guide, Extreme Sports Coach or Athlete, Parachutist, Firefighter. Anyone who must make a favorable first impression or exhibit fearless bravery, be first into battle, or to fight battles for others who cannot defend themselves.

Real Estate Agent, Farmer, Banker, Singer or Musician, Spoken Word Vocalist, Reader. Taurus excels at work that requires long-term, durable, constant, and stable effort. Lucrative jobs of all kinds attract Taurus, for money and financial security is the key objective.

Journalist, Radio DJ, Secretary, Public Relations or Communications Director, Speech Writer, Talker, Phone work, 911 Dispatcher. Anything that requires multi-tasking, or manual dexterity like sewing, keyboarding, jewelry making. Letter Writer. Media-based Teacher. Highly effective liar.

Chef, Mother. Also good with banking, money, and real estate. Daycare or Kindergarten teacher, Babysitter. All careers related to nourishment, food production and caring for children. Excellent Comedian or Clown.

President, King, Actor, Star of the show. Outstanding Promoter and Salesperson through grand leadership. The Boss of any organization. Any position of leadership. Athlete.

Accountant, Nurse, Anything that involves putting things or people in order. Cleaning and Organizing. Virgo can be an excellent Prostitute or Hired Companion. A devoted clock-puncher that gives a full hour's work for an hour's pay, so Virgo rules Hourly Workers or Temporary Employees.

Counselor, especially Marriage Counseling. Mediator who finds consensus between warring parties. Anything to do with Beauty or Decoration including Fashion, Design, Architecture, Flower Arranging, Hair and Makeup, Grooming.

Politician, Religious Leader, Spy, Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Secret Agent, Assassin, Drug Dealer (or other criminal enterprise), Doctor. Careers associated with death like Funeral Director or Embalmer, Organ Donation Surgeon. Researcher.

Traveler or Travel Agent, Pilot, Cruise Line Director, Salesperson, Librarian, Professor, Astronaut, Driver, Veterinarian, Horse Jockey, Novelist or Textbook Writer. Total Entertainer (sing, dance, act, joke). Attorney, Judge.

Classroom Teacher, Father, CEO, Rock Climber. The top position in any organization or field when earned either by a lifetime of hard work or inherited from Father. Plumber, Miner, any job having to do with work on the knees or digging in the earth.

Inventor, Friend, Electrician, Mental Health Professional, Visionary, Group Leader, Scout Leader, Community Development Specialist, Club Leader. Key person in any healthy group or community organization.

Poet, Lover, Film actor, Artist (especially oil paintings), Alcohol Producer or Seller, Person who works with the underprivileged or downtrodden, Homeless Shelter Operator, Animal Shelter Operator, Suicide Hotline Listener, Swimmer, Runner, Dancer, Fisher. Any work involved with creating a sense of romance or illusion. Film making. Alcohol or Drug Addiction Counselor.

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